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Fast & Affordable Electronic Repair

Components Inside of Mobile Phone


Our extensively trained technicians are capable of fixing nearly every problem your phone may have. Contact us, and we'd be happy to properly diagnose/fix your Phone.


Screen Replacement

Is your screen cracked or sometimes unresponsive? If so, a screen replacement is for you.


Camera Replacement

Does your camera not work or is the quality fuzzy? A front or back camera replacement will fix the problem!


Speaker Replacement

Do you have poor quality or no sound coming from your top or bottom speakers? You'll hear clearly after a speaker replacement.


Battery Replacement

Does your phone die at 20% or die quickly after a full charge? Let us replace your battery. (This also increases the speed of your phone!)

Why The Cell Fixers?

We understand you need your phone fixed FAST. We keep inventory of most devices on hand. For devices we don't carry in stock, we can have parts delivered next day!

Repair Promise


We won't charge you unless we fix the problem. No need to worry about weather or not you're dumping money into a device that ends up needing all that and the kitchen sink.

30 Day Warranty

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If for any reason (outside of you breaking it), the part repaired doesn't perform the way it should from factory, let us know and we'll repair it again free of charge!

By Appointment


No need to wait around for us to fix the other peoples phones before you, simply book a same day appointment and get your device fixed. Most repairs take 15-30 minutes.

A Track Record you can Trust


With over 150 5 Star reviews on google, and over 7 years in business, we know a thing or 2 about consumer electronics repair.

Smartphone Battery

Need your device fixed?

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Gather Necessary Info

It is important that we know exactly what the make and model is of your device so we can set aside/ order parts to have on hand for your appointment.


Book an Appointment

Click the button below to start the appointment process. You can submit your info online & book via text/email, or you can give us a call.


Leave us a review!

Please take a moment to leave us a review so you can join the countless others in support of the excellent service provided by The Cell Fixers.

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